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Account updates needed—five seconds ago!

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Do you make frequent online purchases? It seems like my husband is ALWAYS ordering something. He loves how fast and convenient it all is—the store is always open and confirms your order right away. And if you’re ordering the LAST of something, the website seems to know that, too.

Likewise convenient payment options in collections are handy. Online payment portals and IVR automated payment options are appreciated by those wishing to make payments 24/7 without an agent’s help. Just like online shoppers, people paying debts in an automated environment expect that once the payment is made, your company’s records are immediately updated.

So if you’re going to have convenient payment options, you must keep your records up to date. If someone makes an online payment, and then you call them a few hours later and tell them to make their payment…well, they might be a little (but probably a lot) grumpy with you.

The problem is your dialer might not have the updated information on payments. It depends on the interface between your dialer and host collection software. There are two main kinds of interfaces: batch and real-time.

Batch integration increases your chance of calling someone who just paid. In a batch integration, lists are uploaded in a batch (hence the name). The dialer calls the whole list and only then updates the collection software with the call results.

This interface type, while online slots efficient, is limited in how up to date the dialer’s list can be. For instance, if the list is uploaded at 7:30 a.m. and someone makes an online payment at 7:35 a.m., the dialer will still call that account if it’s on the list. If the dialer calls them a few hours later, you might be talking to a very grumpy and confused person!

Real-time integration decreases your chance of calling someone who just paid. In a real-time integration, the host software maintains the list of accounts, and the dialer requests accounts to dial one at a time. So, if someone makes an online payment at 7:35 a.m., the collection software will be updated. Then instead of calling the account a few hours later, the account software will not send the number to the dialer at all. No call, so no grumpy or confused person.

Whether it’s online purchases or online debt payments, people expect convenient payment options and real-time updates. IAT offers more real-time collection software interfaces than any other company. If you’re using a batch interface and want to keep your records up to speed, give us a call.


This article was written by Kendra