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CT Center: Batteries not included

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Have you ever purchased something and rushed home to try it out, only to find you need “something else” to actually use it? You guessed it: batteries not included! If you have my luck, you will not have the right battery size, a spare HDMI cable or a propane tank (for the new gas grill). While it may not be the end of the world, it is certainly very frustrating.

Purchasing a new site premised dialer could leave you in the same predicament. Fortunately, IAT’s CT Center comes with minimal surprises, as we will tell you everything you will need prior to the install. An install technician will work with you to ensure the install goes smoothly and quickly.

A few of the more important things that need to be done before the install include the following:

  • Establish a location for the CT Center server. Typically the right place for CT Center is in the same area where your other servers and phone systems are located. It needs to be a temperature controlled room with AC power, access to network connections and phones lines.
  • Order and install any needed T1 or PRI lines. This process can take awhile, so we recommend it be started early in the process. IAT will specify exactly what is required.
  • Complete PBX upgrades (if any). Your PBX vendor and IT staff will need to make any required PBX upgrades.
  • Contact your Host (CRM) Database provider. Obtain the necessary software updates and/or interfaces.
  • Inspect agent and management workstations. Ensure that all workstations meet required specifications.
  • Register your dialer (if required).  Registration requirements depend on the state in which you’re installing the dialer:
    In Georgia, Nebraska and Texas you must register CT Center.
    In California, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Washington, the telephone company requires FCC registration information. You must notify your telephone company prior to installation of CT Center. Also, check state regulations to see if notification of call volume and calling hours is also required.                                                                                                      

While there are many tasks to complete before CT Center is up and running, the install technician will work with your team to ensure a smooth transition. They may even have a spare battery in their pocket, should it be required.

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