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Don’t write it off just yet

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I’m all about the fun factor. You might even categorize me as a “yellow personality.” So if I’m going to be getting physical exercise I don’t want it to feel like a workout—it’s got to be fun. This is why running never appealed to me. Sports, yes. Dancing, ok. Hiking, sure. Running? As articulated by a cowboy in the bar with Doc Brown in Back to the Future, Part III “Run for fun? What the h@$! kind of fun is that?!”

Now, before you get all worked up defending running as a viable, beneficial form of exercise, let me draw your attention to the fact that it is a pointless activity. You run ‘til you sweat and when you’re all done, you’re in the same place you started—outside your front door. Or worse, you go to the track and run in circles for half an hour. But I think treadmills take the cake—you never even leave the building for heaven’s sake! It’s like those nightmares where you run and run and run but never escape. See what I mean? No purpose.

Cue the “stick foot in mouth” section of this post. About two months ago my sisters and I all signed up for a 5K as part of our Fourth of July festivities. Remember my yellow personality, this also means I can be talked into pretty much anything if you make it sound fun—like running 3.1 miles singing Disney songs with my sisters whilst periodically bombarded with color.

Surprisingly I actually enjoy and even look forward to my conditioning runs. I still think running for the sole purpose of running is pointless, but I can get behind setting a goal and working to achieve it.

I missed out on many years of running because I wrote it off before I really gave it a chance. That is human nature—to resist change and sit comfortably in the rut where we’re stuck.

Are you stuck in a rut? If you want to be competitive and compliant in the ARM industry, you need to be continually seeking and trying new methods, features and technologies. Chances are you didn’t get to be successful by sitting in a rut. You can’t stop trying out new ways or someday you’ll find you missed out on a lot of opportunities.

IAT is continually developing new features to improve your contacting methods and results. Many customers don’t venture into the unknown and try these new features, even though most are included with their software upgrades. Have you tried Dial Request, Leave Message, IC Agents, Segregated database information by application code, Automatic Client Updates or Transferring IC calls? If not, get out of the rut!

Don’t go into a trial period with your mind already made up; give the feature a fighting chance. You might just find an effective collecting tool. After all, lots of people like running.  Even me.


This article was written by Jenna Bowman