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Maintain a delicious contacting stream

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I enjoy any gathering with a chocolate fountain. I love watching the steady stream of deliciousness pour down tier after tier until it reaches the bottom and gets pumped back up to begin the process again. Not all of the chocolate reaches the bottom; guests insert a variety of edibles into the fray covering it all in wonderful chocolate. Every chocolate-covered strawberry, cookie, gummy bear and marshmallow is cherished and devoured. And a bowl at the bottom keeps tasty liquid chocolate from spilling onto the floor and being wasted.

IVR Messages aren’t technically “tasty,” but they can provide a delicious stream of collecting opportunities for your agency. IVR messaging is calling people and leaving a message—one-sided or interactive. An interactive dialogue (message) may ask the answering party if they would like to pay the bill over the phone immediately, mail in a payment or speak with an agent. IAT calls our IVR messaging solution Interactive Communication or IC. An IC Agent is an agent who is available to handle live inquiries generated from IC calls.

IC Agents help keep your contacting fountain going in two ways:

IC Agentstake calls from people requesting transfers to agents. In the collection industry, any live contact is like that delicious chocolate — too precious to be wasted. Because those calls may be sporadic, IC Agents do not maintain an active connection to CT Center. They can go about other tasks and CT Center will notify them of any calls. If the agent is busy when a call comes through, they can also reject the call and have it sent to someone else so that opportunity is not missed.

IC Agents help take your extra predictive dialing calls. IC Agents are like the overflow bowl keeping calls from going to waste. Occasionally answered predictive dialer calls might exceed the number of available PD Agents. Those calls are valuable, and transferring them to an agent will prevent them from being placed on hold.

Using IC Agents will improve your utilization of dialer and people resources. They can take the delicious live contact calls generated by broadcast messaging, or they can be the bowl that catches overflow calls. If using IC Agents in your organization sounds like something that could help your business, give your IAT representative a call to learn more.


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