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How to get the predictive dialer you want

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Your dialing technology options are confusing. It’s sometimes hard to determine the right dialing solution for your agency and clients. If you want to choose the best predictive dialer or IVR Messaging solution, you must first research something very unique and important—your own company. 

Discuss your dialing habits and needs BEFORE you shop. Your management team knows your business better than any dialer vendor. Thoroughly evaluate your company’s current situation and what you want to achieve with a dialer, so you’ll know exactly what you need when you start shopping. Make sure to include the following:

  • A comprehensive outline of your business operations.
  • Details regarding how you like to dial
  • Client due-diligence and account processing needs.
  • Call flow diagrams.
  • Your preferred compliance level requirements.

Stay alert while dialer shopping. Armed with detailed company information, speak with a dialer professional or two and discuss possible solutions. Dialer vendors naturally want you to choose their products, so they’ll try and convince you what they sell is the best solution for you. Be tough! Stick to your conclusions on what’s best for YOUR company. Dialer companies can offer suggestions and solutions, but remember only YOU know what your company’s success requires. Find a solution that fits your operations instead of cramming your operations into an ill-fitting dialer.

Among the biggest decisions you must make is what type of dialer solution to choose. Is it a site-premised system? A cloud-based service? Or do you need a combination site-premised and cloud-based solution—referred to as a Hybrid?

IAT’s recently published white paper “Site-Premised vs. Cloud-Based: A Guide to Choosing the Right Dialer” aims to guide collection agency owners through the maze of considerations when choosing the right dialing solution for their business.  I am pleased at how non-biased, straightforward and helpful it is. IAT SmartDial offers all 3 dialing options, so we are well-qualified to provide this objective information.

The white paper covers the differences between owning a site-premised dialer and using a cloud-based service.  It explains infrastructure needs, security, cost considerations, scalability and control concerns and ROI. It also presents a frank review of the hybrid solution. If you’re curious about your options, read it!

Skilled and accurate dialing is vital in the ARM industry. You can’t afford to let dialing options confuse you. With the right technology your agents—and your agency—will be dramatically more productive and profitable. My advice to anyone trying to find the right dialing technology for their company: Read the white paper, do your internal company research and stick to your research decisions when you’re shopping. If you have additional questions on how to determine the best solution, contact an IAT SmartDial representative.

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This article was written by Dave R