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Priorities. You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

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At IAT, our priorities mean you get the best predictive dialer and IVR messaging features. I make sure of it.

Do you ever wonder why, in a computer software company, certain product features get developed and other features are delayed? Who makes those decisions and how are they made? There certainly are many factors that go into prioritizing product development.

It’s been said that with enough time and enough money anything can be done. It used to be that we would wonder what can really be created. Now in today’s technological environment, it seems that whatever can be dreamed can be done. It’s crazy that you just need to dream big and you’re half way to getting there.

Well, that being said, there aren’t many companies with unlimited resources—including money. Therefore, some priorities have to be set. IAT’s priorities include the following in order:

  1. Market/customer needs
  2. Competitive needs
  3. Continuing technology inventions
  4. New customer sale “show stoppers”

Someone—or a few some See the full online casino Tax check credit guide. ones—are responsible to prioritize all of those demands. I am one of those with the experience to know what is most beneficial to the company and our customers. There are also several other team members who have great input. Together, we keep IAT’s developers focused on the dialer features that will maximize our customer’s contacting ability, while allowing them to maintain their comfortable compliance level.

There is also a great need to have someone represent the end user. This is not always easy in a technology oriented company such as ours. Software developers mainly want products and features to “work,” and aren’t always focused on how simple it will be for the customers to use. Since I am not a “deep” program coder, I tend to see the customer’s viewpoint and therefore give input on how to make the user interface more straightforward. 

It is a continual challenge (sometimes a real battle) to keep all interested parties (Sales, Marketing, Support, Development, Customers) happy when setting development priorities, but that is the beauty of the exciting, ever changing technology environment that we work in. And if all else fails, “rock, scissors, paper” can always help break the ties.

Have a dialing feature dream? Send me your idea; I’ll put it on the list and you’ll be halfway to getting there.

This article was written by Jeryl