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What Makes IAT SmartDial’s Predictive Dialer Superior … Individual Pacing

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One of the things that I really like about working in this industry is meeting so many fantastic people that think the way I do. I am amazed how many times I will be in a conversation with a customer or a client and discover their viewpoint on a topic mirrors my own. Not that everyone I meet has to have my same perspective, but it is refreshing to meet so many “level-headed” individuals.

Here’s an example:  One of the political philosophies we hear today is that government wants to have everybody “play by the same rules,” or “even the playing field for everyone.”  But what I think is unique and great about America is the individual freedom that makes us a stronger, economically sound nation. We may not have everything equally distributed, but we have great opportunities for individual growth.

At IAT, we are focused on individual growth, too. IAT SmartDial is the only predictive dialer technology in the industry designed with the concept of Individual Pacing.  Every other dialer a prospect has discussed with me is built on the collective performance of the agents—group pacing.  That means the dialer assumes every agent on a specific list will work at the same pace, and finds contacts for them using a collective average rate. The problem is every agent doesn’t work at the same rate, even on the same list. The result? Some agents end up waiting for the next call and others are rushing to complete them.

On the other hand, the IAT dialer determines a unique calling rate for each agent based on their dialer work habits—individual pacing. This simple concept enables the IAT dialer to outperform any other dialer in the industry.  It gives us the capability to provide actual predictive dialing, true call blending, and accurate skills based routing because the dialer knows when each agent will be available to take the next call. It takes the guess work out of running a more productive business. And agents can work accounts in the best way for them without being concerned about arbitrary time restraints.

You may not think individual pacing would have that great of an impact on your dialer’s performance, but IAT can show you how restrictive your dialer may be with just group pacing. Give me a call and I’ll help you unleash the full potential of your collection capability. At IAT we’ve discovered the power is not in creating a collective playing field; it’s about empowering the individual.

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This article was written by David E