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How to keep your Predictive Dialer Agents prepared for anything

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It’s hard to teach your agents everything they need to say—and not say—to successfully collect the debt. And these days, all it takes is one little slip up to get tangled up in the courts. Recently I read a post on InsideARM that explained one such situation: “A U.S. district court earlier in April ruled that when a debt collector accused a debtor of lying during a telephone call, it was sufficient to continue a case for a claim under the harassment and abuse provisions of the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).”

I don’t know what was actually said in this agent/debtor conversation, but its outcome definitely proves agents need to be careful. Your livelihood depends on their ability to successfully handle calls without incident. The best way to keep agents compliant is to teach them—over and over and over again.

IAT recognizes agent management as a top priority. IAT places a big emphasis on helping managers. We automate many key dialer functions, so managers can spend their time working with agents instead of babysitting or setting up the dialer. Some of those tools include automatic dialer pacing, list management and list groups.

Likewise, IAT provides easy to use supervising and coaching tools for use both during and after a phone call:

Call recording is a great tool for ongoing training. Give agents feedback on specific calls or let them learn from a top collector’s technique.

Monitor, Coach or Conference into live calls. You might listen to a new agent or spot check more seasoned agents’ conversations. Stay on the casino online line after the call for additional training opportunities with coaching. Or join a difficult conversation with the conferencing feature.

Activity screen views allow you to see what all your agents are currently doing and how long they’ve been at it. Color-coded at-a-glance screens of your whole team let you see who has been on a call for a long time—and clue you in when something might be amiss.

CTC Messaging gives you the ability to send quick messages, answers to questions or advice to collectors. You can also set it up so agents can send you messages if they need assistance during a call.

With such great management tools—and the time to use them—managers using IAT dialing solutions are one step closer to teaching their agents how to be the best and avoid the worst.

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This article was written by Kendra