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The predictive dialer that grew up with you

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My childhood house had lots of hiding places. Not for “seeking” games, but for escaping crowds. My mom always made sure our house was large enough for everyone to have their own space. Even now, “family days” have plenty of alone time opportunities. It helps us avoid clashing too much and gives us a chance to recharge, so it’s definitely a good idea.

Compare that to my husband’s family togetherness approach—marathon events with very little chance of hiding.

I can—and have—adapted to my husband’s family traditions and sometimes I even like attending. But only so much.  I’ll probably never love having lots of family together time because it’s not how I grew up. Deep down, I’m always going to be hoping for a place to hide!

IAT grew up in the collections industry. We’ve grown best online casino up with the lingo and our experiences have taught us what tools will really help collection agencies succeed. True predictive dialing, collection-specific messages, answering machine detection—every feature we develop has the industry in mind.

Other dialer vendors originated in the telemarketing family. Many of today’s ARM dialer vendors came from the telemarketing industry. You’ll notice the telemarketing influence in the underlying technology, especially if you compare it to the technology of a collection-specific dialer. For instance, in telemarketing the more calls made and numbers dialed means more sales opportunities for your agents regardless of extra calls on hold or hang-ups. The dialers’ tendency to over dial reflects that. In collections, speed is still important, but not at the expense of dropping calls or placing many on hold.

Debt collection-specific dialers use true predictive dialing with dynamic resource allocation to provide a steady stream of live contacts for agents with minimal calls on hold. It’s tricky balancing the need for live contacts without over dialing, and it’s something telemarketing dialer vendors don’t do.

You don’t always know how unique your family is until you interact with another one. Likewise, you can’t always see the variations in dialing technology until you compare it to something made for a different industry. Dialer vendors—like people—can adapt to a different family or industry, but only so much. Why should you have to when IAT is an option?


This article was written by Kendra