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Dialer integration: More complex and helpful than you think

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Occasionally, the radio morning show I listen to asks listeners to call in with song titles (or band names) describing some current event. For example, during last year’s election season, listeners suggested song titles describing the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. There were a lot of humorous suggestions on both sides, some selections showing the listeners’ frustration with politicians. When it comes to using technology, I wouldn’t be surprised if asking for song titles produced a similar result—witty aggravation.

IAT has been around more than 26 years. We’ve spent a lot of that time working with our partners’ technology. We’ve integrated with theirs, and we’ve helped them integrate with ours. Hopefully, the end result of this is better described by The Turtles’ “Happy Together” than the Rolling Stones’ “Get Off Of My Cloud.” Without that integration, the two programs couldn’t exchange the necessary information for a seamless collecting experience. When we do our job well, you’ll probably barely notice the programs are working together.

IAT’s dialing solutions connect with host systems, recording systems and payment providers. Below are a few examples.

Real-time collection software interface: The host software controls the list, and can skip accounts that may have called in earlier in the day, or that no longer match selection criteria. Also, with some vendor integrations, the account selection criteria can be adjusted on the fly within the collection software, which means the account list may change as the campaign is worked.

Automated payment provider interface: The dialer can securely collect payment information for PD or IVR Messaging calls without agent interaction and submit it to third party payment providers. This eliminates potential errors from manually entering transactions and keeps customer payment information—such as credit card numbers—secure.

Call recording interface: The predictive dialer provides the call recording software notifications when agents sign on and off the dialer, and when calls begin and end. Account details for each call are also shared. It keeps your call records accurate, organized and searchable. (Without these notifications, each agent working period could be recorded as one call—hours long!)

Most integration work happens in advance and is not tailored to a specific customer, but some is performed by our Support team when a new predictive dialer is set up. This happens because every company’s situation (software, setup, process, etc.) is unique. In the end, every dialing solution has to be running smoothly.

Take the screen pop integration, for instance. The screen pop or toggle is the part of our Agent Access program that controls the predictive dialer’s interaction with the collection/host software. In a nutshell, any time an agent needs account information—from predictive dialing, Inbound or IVR transfer calls—Agent Access locates the correct host application window and pulls up the account within the host software.

The Support team sets up the toggle integration, which is usually pretty basic; but it sometimes gets more complicated. Inbound calls, for example, may not prompt the caller for the ID needed to pull up the account. In this situation, Agent Access can be configured to only pull up a search window in the host software. Sometimes agencies change host systems or they might use multiple host systems to manage different account types. It’s in odd scenarios like this the toggle capabilities really shine because Agent Access can be configured to determine which host application to use and then pull up the correct account.

With seamless integrations between all major collecting tools and the dialer, managers and agents can rest easy, enjoy the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and simply focus on collecting. 

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This article was written by Dave S