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One node or two: What size predictive dialer system is right for you?

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IAT is in a unique position. We offer dialing technology as a cloud-based service or a site-premised system, depending on the requirements. We even offer a hybrid solution of both. Predictive dialers can

be designed for a few agents, hundreds or even thousands—at one location or several. Every situation is unique but the predictive dialer configuration needs to fit each one.

In a site-premised environment IAT offers two predictive dialer configurations to meet varying needs:

Less than 100 agents: If your organization has less than about 100 agents concurrently using the system, a single server predictive dialer would be appropriate. This server would handle all the dialing, data transactions and reporting functions.

More than 100 hundred agents: If your operation has more than about a hundred agents concurrently using the dialer, the best bet would be a multi-server system. In this situation one server (the Node Server) is used to house

and process all the data used casino pa natet in the dialing operation,</a communicate with the host system and post all the Blackjack, Baccarat and la roulette are available in a live dealer format. dialer data and results back to the host. In addition, it generates all reports and handles call recording storage functions.

The other servers (the Dialer Nodes) are used to dial and connect agents to the live contacts and leave messages. These servers are tied to the Node Server via a data connection. As calls are completed the call data is transferred to the Node Server for processing, reporting and storage. The multi-node environment can be modified to include as many Dialer Node servers as necessary.

While the number of dialers—the overall size

of the system—typically dictates the use of a Node / Node Server arrangement, there are a couple of reasons for using this CompTIA sy0-301 exam dumps configuration when dialing from multiple office locations:

    • Favorable Telco Rates: Sometimes you can get favorable telco rates if the dialing is done from each location rather than the main office. In this case, it would make sense to install the Node Server in your main office and Dialer Nodes in the locations where telco rates are cheaper.
    •  Cost effective alternative to cloud services: If you consume a decent amount of predictive dialing or IVR messaging across multiple office locations, you might assume a “cloud” solution was the only option, but it doesn’t make sense to pay for a cloud-based service month after month, year after year. In this case, a  Node/Node server set-up is an ideal option. Yes, the initial investment is there, but over time the savings add up.
IAT has been designing and improving predictive dialers for a long time. The Node / Node Server configuration is another way IAT meets the varying needs of our customers.

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