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It's nerdy, but data makes your collection agency better

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I’m not a math person. Far from it.  I think my mind would start to melt if I studied a complicated graph for more than 5 seconds. My husband, a nerdy math guy, likes to melt my brain with long-winded technical explanations. I’m not sure what he means most of the time, but I do enjoy looking at some of the stats. For instance, his interactive barometric pressure chart—tracking our very own house—was pretty cool (at least the first couple of times he showed it to me). And it was helpful to know when a storm was coming.

As Sir Francis Bacon said in 1597, “Knowledge is power.” You don’t know what’s working—or what’s not—if you don’t look at the data. Likewise, there are lots of reasons you might want to track your dialer and activity—training, compliance, productivity, or just to check the dialer is running smoothly. IAT has tools for you to see the long and short-term developments.

For long-term trends: Reports

Dialer reports help you evaluate dialer and agent activity, so you can see positive trends or areas for improvement to make your dialer efforts or agents more efficient. For instance, you could look at the agent activity reports to see if short-term issues you’ve noticed are actually habits needing to be addressed. Or dig into the reports to find stats or habits deserving praise.

IAT’s site-premised dialer CT Center offers 36 standard reports and 89 variations divided into four mobile casino categories to answer the following questions: What happened? How are we doing? casino online What am I telling the dialer to do? Where are my reports? (For an in depth look at your report options, read the post “How to Prove Your Dialer’s Worth.”)

If there’s not a specific report to answer your question—and the dialer information is available—IAT can help you get the data to analyze. The CT Center DataWarehouse interface allows you to access various agent data, account data and call data from your dialer and send it to your SQL Database for further analysis.

For short-term checks: Monitoring tools

Once you set up your campaigns, agent list groups and dialer settings, IAT’s dialing solutions are designed to run smoothly and efficiently all on their own without constant manager monitoring. However, you can always view the dialer’s progress. For instance, if you want to see how many accounts in a campaign have already been worked by the dialer, select “List Information” on the Manager Center toolbar.

Agents, on the other hand, are definitely not automated, so IAT provides many tools to view their current status, evaluate work habits, or provide real-time help. For instance, you can spot check or evaluate an individual agent’s performance with Monitoring or Call Recording (or step in and help with the Coach or Conference functions). View multiple agents’ stats side-by-side—for historical data or in real-time—with the agent comparison chart. You can even look at your entire team at once in Manager Center’s team view. The at-a-glance color coding lets you see which agents might require a closer look or listen.

Math is really important—at least according to my husband. It may be a little excessive to track the temperature in every room of your house (his next project!), but if it results in more efficient heating/cooling schemes and a decrease in utility costs, I guess I can live with the nerdy sensors everywhere. And really, he and Sir Francis Bacon are on the right track: Knowledge is Power. You don’t know what’s working in your house or in your agency until you take a look at the data.

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