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Callbacks: Always welcome (and remembered) here.

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In a perfect collections environment agents would always follow their supervisor’s directions and work the correct lists. That doesn’t always happen, which Dave Shelley mentioned in a recent post about dog sled racing. One way to keep your collectors on track, however, is by scheduling the lists on the dialer for each agent or agent group—indicating the time and order each list will be worked. Then the agents automatically follow the scheduled lists with outstanding productivity results.

Sometimes an agent needs to follow up with a debtor but must also continue working the current list.Fortunately IAT SmartDial’s callback feature allows you to do both. From the toolbar agents can schedule follow up calls specifying the individual, account, time and phone numbers to call. Then at the indicated time, the dialer will transfer the call to any available agent on the list. If the agent wants to receive the callback, they can mark it as an ownership call in the call results window. IAT SmartDial’s Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA) fits the call in with the predictive dialing campaign, so it doesn’t cause any over or under dialing.

For example, an agent may talk to Joe Debtor who curmudgeonly says he is soooo busy and doesn’t have time to talk now (meanwhile the agent can hear a ball game and his friends chatting in the background) but call him back tomorrow or better yet… call his wife (Susan) because she pays the bills. Then he gives the agent her number. The agent can immediately enter it as a promise to pay, mark it as an ownership call, and tell the dialer to contact his wife in 15 minutes. In those 15 minutes, the agent might complete two or three more calls and completely forget about calling Joe Debtor’s wife.  Then eureka, the dialer contacts Susan and transfers the call to the agent. SmartDial’s Skills Based Routing feature will route the call and pop the data instantaneously.

Scheduled call backs is a great feature for increasing list productivity because it allows the debtor to choose a more convenient time to discuss the debt and (hopefully) make a payment. It also eliminates the possibility that the call back will be forgotten in five minutes. It’s very easy for an agent to forget to call someone back in 15 minutes, but the dialer won’t forget and will make the call right on time.

Agent scheduled call backs can help agents be more efficient and professional while collecting, increase their right party contacts and the overall amount collected. It’s a big step toward a perfect collecting environment.

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