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Remote dialing controls: No strings attached

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In the late 1960s my idea of ultimate fun was flying my plastic PT-19 Flight Trainer.  It was held together by rubber bands, powered by a Cox .049 engine and controlled by two thirty-foot strings attached to a handle. I used the handle to manipulate the altitude of the plane while it circled around me. The airplane usually circled for just a few seconds before I became extremely dizzy—or just lost control of the strings—and crashed the plane into the pavement. This was my early experience with controlling something remotely.

Technology has advanced exponentially since then with the development of remote controlled cars, boats and aircraft as well as televisions, robots and computers. From half a world away we can control and monitor our home’s climate, appliances and security systems and even our car’s ignition.

CT Center and CT Impact have their own remote systems as well. Whether over local network connections or the internet, users and managers connect to their server— CT Center for premise-based systems and CT Impact for cloud-based dialing.

IAT SmartDial’s remote applications include Agent Access, Manager Center and Control Center. These allow users to monitor and control functions taking place on the main server without having to be in the same room or even the same time zone.

Agent Access is a productive tool for the front-line collector. It makes it easy to select the appropriate list and one of five different dialer modes: Passive, power, preview, predictive or dial request. It is also equipped with a multi-function toolbar to access many other dialer controls—Do Not Call, Screen Pops, Call Length, Answering Machine Messages, etc.

Manager Center is a useful means for collection managers to help agents succeed. They can see how much time agents are spending on the dialer, how each agent’s skills are improving and their collection results. If necessary, the manager can control agent settings including lists, dialing mode and breaks. One of the most valuable application features is the ability to connect a manager’s phone with an agent’s in order to monitor, coach or conference the call. This helps in training as well as compliance.

Control Center allows an operations manager to monitor and control the entire system. From this program lists can be built, teams and routing setup, dialer reports scheduled and system functions monitored. There is also a test mode setup for testing messages, dialer functionality or for training new agents or managers.

System upgrades can happen remotely, too. If desired, the manager can have all these remote programs updated automatically each time the SmartDial system receives an upgrade. Otherwise they must upgrade them one machine and program at a time.

With IAT SmartDial’s advanced remote technology your collections business can soar beyond the tether of two strings by giving your agents and managers access to your server from anywhere. For more detailed information on how to make full use of your remote applications without becoming dizzy, contact IAT customer support.

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