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Give me a break

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Lately, when I wander over to IAT’s candy drawer, my chocolate of choice has been a KitKat®. KitKats are seriously underrated. I forget how delicious the milk chocolate and crunchy wafers are until I bite into one. Not only are they super tasty, they are all about getting a “break.” Breaks are good. Breaks are necessary. Breaks help us be more productive.

Research supports the claim that someone who takes regular breaks throughout the workday can accomplish a lot more than their counterpart who focuses completely on work for a solid 8 hours. Plus at the end of the day, the guy who took a few breaks is happier and still has energy left for his “after-work life.” An article from the New York Times earlier this year explains the body’s natural need for rest and energy renewal. When we concentrate more on the quality of work rather than our total work hours, we are more productive.

As a collection manager or supervisor, you probably expect your agents to take a few breaks throughout the day. But don’t forget to plan an occasional break for yourself as well.

If you work with multiple managers or supervisors, it’s probably easy to cover for each other while someone takes a walk, has lunch or a little nap. But if you’re holding down the fort on your own, there are other ways to keep everything running smoothly while you’re gone. In fact, IAT’s dialer has built in features to do this normally—with or without you. We like to keep our dialer as automated as possible anyway, so you can concentrate on things other than the minutia of monitoring inbound/outbound line pacing. This comes in handy when you need to take a break.

Below are a few features IAT SmartDial has developed to keep everything running while you’re away.

  • List groups and list chaining—get everything set up and scheduled in advance so the dialer automatically transitions agents to the next list at just the right time.
  • Call recording—record and store agent calls to be monitored when it’s most convenient for you. If a problem or question arises while you’re gone, you can review the conversation later.
  • Automated dialer pacing/resource adjustments—let the dialer figure out the minutia of how many lines to dial and free yourself from monitoring the dialer all day.
  • IC/IVR Messages—set up a pre-recorded interactive message (e.g. payment reminders, simple demand for payment), then schedule it and trust the dialer to handle the rest.

Coming back from a KitKat break always gives me fresh eyes for the challenging project at hand. Treat yourself to a break! 

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This article was written by Jenna Bowman