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How what I do helps you

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When people ask me what I do for a living, I don’t hide it. Their reaction is nearly always “Oh you are that guy who calls my house at all hours of the day!” I smile, then tell them our core focus is collection agencies, and ask “So why is it I am calling you so often?!” As you can imagine, after telling them I sell dialers to the collections industry, my popularity drops lower than that of the US Congress.

I am proud of IAT and our products. IAT was a pioneer in computer telephony integration and has been providing quality products to the collection industry for more than 27 years. We help our clients increase their productivity and profits month after month. I am also proud that I work in the collections industry. We all know the ARM industry is a vital part of the economy—for the employment opportunities and the money returned to the economy. Our industry’s efforts help keep prices lower.

I also like that IAT has so many options. It makes it easier to tailor a solution to meet each company’s unique needs. We have three main solution options and many configurations possible within each solution.

  • Site-premised systems— CT Center
  • Cloud-based services—CT Impact
  • Hybrid solution—CT Center Hybrid, a combination of our CT Center and CT Impact

So you ask, which dialing solution is right for me? The best part of my job is helping you figure that out. We can thoroughly discuss your wants, needs and expectations. With this information I can tell you the advantages and possible disadvantages of each option for your unique situation. I can provide pricing, as well as information on leasing and monthly payment estimates. We can also discuss any other concerns you may have.

So what is it I do for a living? I help collection organizations make informed decisions about their dialing technology choice. I keep you dialing the best way for you!  


This article was written by Paul