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Dialer—You’re Hired!

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When you need a new agent, you probably look for the best. Someone who is patient, persistent, accurate, polite, rule-abiding, enthusiastic. Someone able to professionally and quickly handle any situation they encounter. You never know what will happen when you contact an account, so you need agents ready to handle just about anything.

We often tell people IAT’s dialer is your best collector. In fact, if our dialer were actually a collector—and not technology—it would be employee of the month all year long.

There are two reasons for this outstanding performance and both are unique to IAT’s dialer:

1. Flexibility. The dialer’s settings are easily tailored, so you can fit it right into your existing collection process.

2. Automation. Many of the dialer functions are automated and require little manager monitoring. You can instead focus on something else—like your agents.

Below are some distinguishing characteristics of the IAT dialer “employee.”

Rule-abiding: The dialer is compliance capable, which means it has features to help you comply with industry regulations. However, interpretations of the law differ, so IAT’s dialer allows you to make your own compliance setting decisions.

Punctual: With List Groups the dialer starts and stops working each list exactly when you tell it to, and transfers calls to the agents assigned to that group. If there are a few minutes in between scheduled lists, the dialer can use an allocated back up list to keep the group busy working.

Self-starter: The IAT dialer provides automatic pacing, a steady stream of live contacts and minimal calls placed on hold. It keeps track of the dialing details without your ongoing monitoring.

Thinks on its Feet:  The dialer is exemplary at determining what its next action will casino online be based on the account’s last call result (the contact attempt’s outcome). For instance, it knows what to do if the account didn’t answer their home phone number. It might try a different number, try calling back at a later time, leave a message now—or whatever else you set it up to do!

Shrewd listener, quick reflexes: The dialer uses its sharp technological ears to quickly and accurately distinguish between live contacts and answering machines and then transfers each to the appropriate place.

Articulate speaker: Whether for predictive dialing or IVR messaging, the dialer will leave the right message for the specific account every time.

Organized: The dialer identifies all the bad numbers/SITs as it goes, so you can separate the dialer-ready accounts from those needing to be skip traced first.

The dialer is great at multi-tasking—it handles all the above mentioned jobs simultaneously. It never gets tired, never asks for a day off, and doesn’t need health insurance. So what do you say? Want to hire the best collector you’ll ever have? Contact IAT for an interview!

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This article was written by Kendra