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Compliant cell phone contacting technology released by IAT

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IAT announces the release of SmartCellTM, a manual dialing application developed for contacting cell phones.

“Today’s regulations regarding cell phones and dialers don’t need to hinder your productivity,” said Dave Rudd, IAT co-owner and Sr. VP of Finance & Administration. “We’ve seen too many agencies that, in an effort to stay compliant, have allocated additional staff to manually dial every cell phone number and transfer those calls to waiting agents. Now you don’t need to do that. SmartCell is THE answer.  Agents can easily make their own manual calls and managers can supervise agents using traditional IAT management tools.”

IAT SmartDial®, a Utah-based company, is a leader in predictive dialing technology for the ARM industry. The SmartCell dialing software is a manual dialer built on the CT Center® platform (IAT’s site-premised dialer). Accounts are distributed from a list and agents are prompted to enter phone numbers using either a single button push or manually via a number key pad. The system verifies the number entered before placing the call. SmartCell does not have predictive/automated dialing or number generation capabilities.

SmartCell can run independently or interface with IAT’s dialing products CT Center and CT Impact for seamless account management and call transfers. Management and compliance features offered in IAT’s traditional dialing technology are also available for SmartCell, including the following:

  • Agent management
  • List building/management
  • Scheduled call backs
  • Monitor/Coach/Conference
  • Reporting
  • Call Recording
  • Time zone and area code verification

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Fred Geisler Rainmaker CollectionsSeptember 6, 2013 at 1:53 pmReply

Would like more information in regards to Smart Cell and how it works. Please forward information for review