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When I first began working for IAT I

wasn’t sure what a “dialogue” was. Sure I could define the word as a written or spoken conversation between two people, but how did that apply to a predictive dialer? I soon learned that there are many “conversations” a predictive dialer can have with a person. In fact the dialer can talk with hundreds of people at the same time to help them settle an outstanding debt, design and schedule a payment plan, arrange a call back, transfer to a “real” person, receive a payment reminder or order lunch.

Okay—I’m just kidding about the lunch part, but all the other options are available when using IAT”s dialogues. These best online casino varied dialogues are all part of IAT’s sophisticated and complex messaging system, Interactive Communications (IC), which delivers and manages all the conversations. Messages can vary greatly depending on the debt type, account details and your preferences. As a result, creating a dialogue is almost

an art form and you must consider many variables and circumstances, including the following:

  • How is the person who answers identified?
  • How is the creditor identified?
  • What

    happens when the wrong person answers the phone?

  • What happens if a mistake is made while entering data?
  • What if the debtor prefers to talk to a person?
  • What if they want to pay by check or by credit card?
  • Is the debt “early out” or past due?

It’s a good thing IAT has been hard at work developing dialogues to fit nearly every scenario for use with inbound, inbound blending, outbound predictive dialing and outbound messaging. And in the unlikely event you https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/achat-viagra-cialis-en-ligne/ have needs that do not necessarily fit an existing IAT dialogue, we can develop one to your specific requirements.

If you’re in the market for a predictive dialer that will improve productivity and efficiency through communicating directly with debtors, give IAT a call. And who knows, perhaps you can talk your sales rep into ordering lunch

This article was written by Ray