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Use your dialer gadgets

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I’m not a big fan of most kitchen gadgets and fancy appliances. Oh sure, give me a spatula, a whisk and a standard mixer—that’s great. But don’t ask me if I want a bread maker, a rice maker, a juicer, a breakfast sandwich maker or a toaster that can also cook your eggs 3 different ways. I really don’t have space for it all in my small kitchen and I’d rather just cook the eggs myself.

Awhile back my husband brought home a food processor he won at a work party—an enormous monster of a food processor—and miraculously managed to find a spot to hide it in our rollaway kitchen island. Occasionally he asks me if I’ve used it and I always say no. I’d have to pull it out, figure out how to get it to work, clean it…I reasoned it was much faster to do any necessary chopping or grating by hand.

Then yesterday the chilly fall temperatures got me thinking about a tasty fall muffin which requires lots of grated fruits and vegetables. It’s so much grating I usually end up day dreaming a roulette on line is an easy-to-play casino table game. little and grating my fingers, too. Then I suddenly remembered that food processor—maybe it would be worth figuring out.  It takes a lot to get the grating done by hand, but with a little bit of help, I could do it quickly (and safely).

It takes a lot of effort to keep your agents working, too. Managers can easily spend a lot of time making sure each agent is working the right list online casino all the time, especially if agents are working different lists. IAT’s List Group feature eliminates this extra work by letting you schedule when you want each list to be worked and by which agent or agent group. Like my food processor, it’s one of IAT’s underused features, but it shouldn’t be! It’s the ideal way to keep your agents’ productive by allowing you to do the following:

Meet your contacting objectives:  A little preplanning with List Groups makes it easier to concentrate on each client and work list for just the right amount of time to achieve your contacting objectives.

Keep everyone on task: The dialer doesn’t get side tracked, slow down or forget to announce the next list. Count on List Groups to help the dialer efficiently transition agents to the right lists at just the right time.

Eliminate down time, increase productivity: As long as your agents are working in an active List Group, they will keep getting calls. Little down time means little time to get lazy and waste time. They’ll keep working hard!

Change your plan on the spot. Modify List Groups while agents are logged in and those changes will take effect with the very next call. No need to even alert your agents.

Sometimes handy features and gadgets are worth trying out. Food processors get the work done faster and without incident. List Groups is a handy management tool to maximize each agent’s workday. Have YOU pulled it off the shelf yet? If you have questions on how to use List Groups, contact IAT Support. They would love to help you get started.

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This article was written by Kendra