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The strongest link can be your dialer technology

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A chain really is only as strong as its weakest link. Likewise, hiring the right people goes a long way to aiding your agency’s success, but even the best agents can only do so much while relying on ill-equipped technology. Your predictive dialer campaign’s success hinges on two criteria 1) the ability to provide a steady stream of contacts for the agents and 2) the tools to help agents efficiently collect. Below are features and technologies associated with predictive dialing that help make agents’ jobs easier and more productive. (Spoiler alert: IAT has all of them!)

Flexible and intuitive interface. Successful contacting begins with an intuitive and flexible agent application. It needs to be easy to learn, but provide ample options for contacting and handling each account properly. IAT’s agent application, Agent Access, provides a variety of benefits, including the following:

Flexible: With five dialing modes, a flexible toolbar display and agent-entered call results, agents can tailor the collecting experience to meet their needs.

Intuitive: Quick and easy training, typically only 20 -30 minutes.   

Planned and tailored workdays: Success requires agents stay focused on their most important task—talking to live contacts. IAT decreases down time and keeps agents talking by automating workdays and using individual pacing.

Planned workdays: Using IAT’s List Groups, managers can schedule which lists each agent or agent group will work when. Agents don’t have to wonder what to do at the end of each list because the dialer automatically transitions to the next scheduled list.

Tailored Pacing: Short, long or in between, agent talk time averages vary; IAT’s predictive dialer tracks and accommodates all agent talk time histories, timing the next contact attempt, so that the call is transferred to the agent at just the right time. For uncharacteristically long calls, agents can select the “Extend” button on the agent tool bar to increase the call time without altering their overall talk time averages.

Helpful and capable technology: No matter their skill level, sometimes an agent needs manager assistance. IAT provides useful features to monitor and help agents…and the time to do it.

Helpful Tools: IAT’s Monitor, Complications during an untreated Loratab ULTRA PURE Pre-mixed Synthetic Urine are rare but possible. Coach and Conference are ideal tools for listening to an agent’s talk online casino off in real-time and assisting when required. CTC Messaging gives agents a quick way to ask the manager for help.

Capable Technology:  IAT’s true predictive dialing is hands-off supervising technology; it doesn’t require constant monitoring while running. Managers can instead spend their time helping agents succeed.

Smooth call transitions and handling: To start a collection conversation out on the right foot, you need a smooth call transfer process. IAT’s fine-tuned technology does just that, and also allows agents to concentrate on the conversation.

Smooth transitions: Agents receive instant transfers of live calls, so they hear the end of the debtor’s first “hello.” A reliable, instantaneous screen pop of the host collection software provides the agent account details right on time.

Account handling options: The Leave Message feature allows agents to send any answering machines back to the dialer to leave the message, so agents can concentrate on only the live contacts. With Agent Call Control, agents can transfer answered calls wherever they need to go. Agent entered call results help you keep track of what happened, and you can also schedule a specific call back time.

Your agents can only be as productive and efficient as allowed by the predictive dialing technology they use. Keep your collecting chain strong with the right technology.

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