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Dialer Purchasing Guide Published by IAT

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A complimentary white paper published this week by IAT SmartDial, “7 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Next Dialing Technology,” aims to give collection organizations an objective, helpful purchasing guide.

“If your only pre-purchase question is ‘How much will this cost?’ you’re jeopardizing your company’s success,” said Ray Fowler, IAT Sales & Marketing Director.  “An ill-suited dialer, no matter its price tag, will lose you money and productivity. From compliance to ongoing dialer supervision, there is much to consider if you want to find the most productive dialer fit. IAT’s white paper is an effective guide for any collection organization aiming to do that.”

A Utah-based company, IAT SmartDial provides compliance capable cloud-based, site-premised and hybrid dialing solutions for ARM industry organizations of all sizes and varieties. The new white paper addresses a range of topics including compliance requirements, staff considerations and expansion plans.

“Too often companies blindly shop for a dialer, relying only on the vendors’ advice,” said Randy Cooper, IAT President/CEO. “Your management team knows your business needs better than any dialer vendor. Research and determine your requirements before you start dialer shopping. IAT’s new white paper provides the frank, unbiased information necessary for assessing your dialing technology needs.”

After objectively evaluating your dialing requirements, you must carefully interview dialer vendors about their technology, Cooper said. “Feature names can be very misleading because the underlying technology varies greatly between industry vendors. You can’t tell what you’re really getting without an in depth discussion about the dialer’s functionality. A key technology to ask about is true predictive dialing with automated pacing. If your vendor doesn’t have automated dialer pacing, your manager will waste a lot of time manually supervising the dialer. A true predictive dialer is a very hands-off supervising technology.”

To download the complimentary white paper, visit this link.


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