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New call transfer feature keeps agents connected

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Here at IAT SmartDial, we’re on the leading edge of ARM industry technology—our focus is to improve the collection process, save you money and promote compliance. One innovative feature in our latest software release (CT Center 8.1), Agent Call Control, makes it simple and efficient for collectors to transfer answered calls.

The initial answering agent isn’t always a call’s final destination. For instance, an agent may need to transfer the call to Legal. Or they might want to use an Interactive Communication (IC) message for an automated credit card payment. Or maybe the agent needs to transfer the call to the agent originally working the account. With Agent Call Control agents can quickly transfer the call without losing their dialer audio connection.

Transfer dialer calls easily from the agent toolbar. The transfer menu options are based on the manager’s preferred settings for that agent. There are several main choices for the transfer destination:

  • Another agent: The agent can select another active agent and transfer the call along with key information such as an ID Number or agent notes.
  • IC message: The agent may transfer the call to a variety of IC (IVR) messages, which may include a message providing mailing address information or a message allowing an automated payment with a check or credit card. Before transferring the call, the dialer may prompt the agent to provide specific information (e.g. Account ID or payment amount).
  • Routing queue: The agent also has the option of transferring the call to a routing queue—a division of agents or employees based on similar abilities or job responsibilities. For example the call can be sent to an agent in a queue better prepared to discuss legal issues or speak Spanish.
  • Extension or phone: The agent can transfer the call to a specific internal extension or outside phone number such as a client’s office, compliance officer or attorney.

Account recovery is a demanding industry; SmartDial can make it easier and faster to recover funds through new innovations like Agent Call Control, which allows agents to maintain their dialer audio connection while transferring calls. Ask your IAT support specialist how you can upgrade to the latest in dialing technology.


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