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Call me here, call me there, call me anywhere.

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Growing up we used to have a single phone number. I remember my family’s phone number was FRanklin 3-5282. When I told my son this, he said, “What?” I said “FRanklin” was a telephone exchange name and “FR” corresponded to the numbers 37 on the phone pad. Telephone exchange names identified the central office a telephone circuit was connected to. Some memorable ones were EMpire (36), GArden(42), UConn(98), and so forth. Eventually we stopped using the exchange names and just used the number equivalent—37. (For more information about this, read this interesting Wikipedia article.) I even remember the rotary phones we used, do you? My family never changed our phone number. If my parents were alive, they would probably still have that number. I remember when I convinced my dad to switch from his rotary phone to a touch tone But what is suggestive and also rather amusing about the whole incident is that the joust appears to have continued on social media, thanks to some pretty impressive trolling by a one Mr justin bieber one time music video . phone. He thought it was better than sliced bread. It could even store phone numbers for speed dialing—magic!

Well, now we have multiple phones—one personal, one for business, one for each family member—all with separate phone numbers. They’re all so cool, why not have more than one?

So, how casino online does the asset recovery industry keep track of all those phone numbers for each account? We store them all and try to categorize them: home, cell, place of employment, nearby, can be reached at, relatives and more. IAT SmartDial has a customer that stores more than 50 phone numbers per account in their database. That many numbers seems impossible, but people these days don’t appear to have any qualms about getting new phones and changing their phone number almost every time, especially those who are trying to avoid being contacted.

So let the dialer keep track of all the phone numbers and call them as needed. Don’t make the dialer call every number each time you try to contact that account. Too many dialers waste time redialing bad numbers over and over and over again. Instead review your dialer’s calling results and remove or mark the bad numbers. Keep track of the good vs. the bad numbers. DON’T send the dialer bad/old phone numbers that are no longer valid.

Agents can also direct the dialer to dial the “next” available number from the account database if the contact who answered was not the right party. To do it, just check the “next number” box on the result screen.

So many phone numbers to keep track of! Let IAT SmartDial do the work for you.


This article was written by Jeryl