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Compliant dialing—it’s in our DNA. How about yours?

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If you have hired part time help to manually dial your ever-increasing wireless inventory list, you’ve probably noticed your bottom line decrease. You also probably haven’t made much headway on your “manual dial only” inventory list. Unfortunately, the time required to manually push all those buttons will never make it a very effective way of contacting accounts.

As a collection agency, being in compliance with TCPA regulations needs to be in your company’s DNA. And yet, the rules and regulations seem ubiquitous. Restrictions on using auto dialers for contacting wireless numbers are becoming more problematic than ever. With more people abandoning landlines for cell phones and the escalating number of lawsuits claiming TCPA violations, agencies are increasingly turning to inefficient manual dialing methods.

Not only is dialing manually difficult, but agent monitoring is challenging without the supervising tools available in traditional dialing technologies. And what your collectors say (whether they introduce themselves, disclose and state the mini Miranda to the debtor, etc.) is crucial in many agency compliance strategies. In short, it’s tough to meet your clients’ expectations to contact and collect on their accounts quickly AND follow all of the industry regulations. One might ask what IAT SmartDial can provide that will address an agency’s compliance concerns and productivity needs without requiring them to hire a lot of extra people.

Compliance, Compliance and Compliance. IAT SmartDial understands it’s a daunting task to stay compliant, which is why we concentrate on developing compliance capable products and features to assist you. Three compliance products immediately come to mind:

  • SmartCell, Manual Wireless Dialer: Manually dial numbers on a separate platform from your traditional predictive dialer. Dialing methods range from a simple button push to manually keying in the number. In each case the agent first previews the number and account information. All traditional agent and list management tools are available for increased productivity.
  • Cell Scrub, Cell phone scrubbing: Identify cell phone numbers using the most current data available straight from the source. Cell Scrub settings allow you to determine which lists you’ll scrub when.
  • CTR Lite, Call Recording: Record multiple agent calls simultaneously, either on demand or with automatic recording for certain extensions, clients or agents. Two and/or three way conversation recordings with archiving and retrieval capabilities.

Compliance is always changing. It is important for your dialing partner to keep up with current regulations. For more than a quarter century IAT SmartDial has kept up with changing rules and regulations. If you would like more information on our compliance capable products, please contact IAT SmartDial.

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