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The “Big 3″ Dialing Elements for Success

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I love yoga. I think it is one of the best workouts available for all-around fitness. Though it looks simple, yoga’s biggest benefit and challenge comes from combining the “Big 3” fitness components: Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance.

Strength and balance are required to stay in each pose (asana).  Flexibility is crucial for moving in unfamiliar ways. Endurance allows you to continually move through and hold asanas throughout your practice. While technically not an “aerobic” exercise, an intense yoga workout will definitely get your heart rate up.

SmartDial technology also combines these “Big 3” components to create a complete dialing experience.

Dialer Strength: SmartDial technology has the dialing capacity to keep your PD and IC campaigns going strong. Rely on the power of IC (IVR Messaging) to reach lots of accounts in a short amount of time and the dependability of IAT’s predictive dialing technology to sustain agent productivity.

Dialer Flexibility: IAT’s technology bends to meet your changing contacting requirements. For instance, the dialer can run different applications simultaneously (i.e. predictive dialing, IVR Messaging/IC, and Inbound) and dynamically decide where to distribute the phone line resources to maximize productivity.

You can also personalize your dialer settings based on your company’s collecting preferences and compliance position. For example

  • Set up your dialer to handle each call the way an experienced agent would (calling back, leaving a message, trying another number, etc.).
  •  Add in compliance capable tools like cell phone scrubbing and call recording.
  • Determine how restrictive time of day calling controls will be—by area code, zip code or both.
  • Choose a dialing mode to match the agent’s ability or collection requirements—predictive, power, passive, preview or dial request.
  • Automate each agent or group’s workflow and decide which contacting features will be available to them.

Dialer Endurance: Like any good distance runner, IAT’s smart technology is equipped with the perfect pacing for efficiently completing your contacting campaign. Using Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA), the predictive dialer balances a lot of things at once, like tracking each agent’s average talk time, calculating the list hit rate in real-time and blending inbound calls into the agents’ workflow. DRA makes sure you go fast enough to be competitive—with a steady stream of live contacts for your agents—without over doing it and dialing so fast you place calls on hold. This automated pacing doesn’t require manager supervision, which means while the dialer is working hard, you can concentrate on addressing your agents’ needs.

Most trainers will advise you to develop Strength, Flexibility and Endurance by incorporating all three into your workouts. Yoga puts all of these elements into practice at the same time. Likewise, IAT incorporates these essential components into every dialer—truly a combination for contacting success!

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This article was written by Jenna Bowman