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Stop wasting your dialer agents’ time

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I hate wasting time. If I have five minutes, I’ll find a way to use it productively. There is so much to get done, I can’t afford to be lazy. Every second counts.

When it comes to a call center’s productivity, every second counts, too. In an agent’s workday, a few seconds wasted here and half a minute there really add up. Multiply that time by 10, 50 or hundreds of agents and suddenly an awful lot of time is wasted.  If time is money, how much are you losing every day to wasted time?

IAT’s goal is to keep your predictive dialer agents talking to live contacts, so we focus on developing features that eliminate as much “wasted time” as possible. We”ve become very good at this. Below are ways you can improve productivity with some of IAT’s features:

Eliminate menial tasks

  • Handle mundane tasks with the dialer such as manual dialing, listening to rings and weeding out bad/wrong numbers.
  • Transfer agent answered calls to another destination using the Agent Call Control feature. The agent transferring the call won’t lose their dialer audio connection, so they won’t waste time reconnecting.­­
  • Leave all messages using the dialer, To recover data recovery services from damaged sectors, you will have more success with the Pro version, which can create a disk image of damaged disks to restore data. not the agent. With the Leave Message feature agents can send any transferred answering machine back to the dialer to speak the dgfev online casino message.

Minimize down time

  • Schedule and assign lists in advance with List Groups. This allows for automatic transitions to the next list—and no wait time.
  • Clean up your lists with IVR Messaging. Agent wait times will be shorter because bad numbers won’t be slowing the online casino dialer down.

Maintain agents’ focus

  • Handle callbacks through the dialer so agents can focus on contacting, not following up. An agent schedules the call and at the indicated time, the dialer will make the call and transfer it to an appropriate agent.
  • Communicate with agents using CTC Messaging. Agents can ask for help or provide other feedback while on a call.
  • Monitor the whole team’s productivity in real-time from your desk with agent activity screens.

Keep calls coming

  • Enjoy a steady stream of live contacts with automated dialer pacing, resulting in very low agent wait times and minimal calls on hold.
  • Seamlessly fit inbound calls into the predictive dialer workflow with Call Blending, which adjusts outbound dialer pacing to accommodate inbound calls.

Your agents’ time is too valuable to waste!  If you are not employing all of these time-saving features, contact an IAT representative. Your time will be well spent.


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This article was written by Kendra