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With a hybrid dialer, the grass is greener on both sides of the fence

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Site-premised dialers are well worth the investment. Flexible dialer functionality, greater security control, good long-term ROI—companies select site-premised dialers for a variety of reasons. Still the grass sometimes seems greener on the other side of the dialing fence.

Companies with site-premised dialers may wonder if a cloud-based dialer would provide more flexibility for increasing calling capacity. To some extent this is true. Site-premised dialers are traditionally limited in the number of dialing resources readily available. However, if you have IAT’s site-premised system (CT Center) you can actually have the best of both worlds.

With a site-premised system, adding more dialing power—even a few predictive dialing agents—typically means purchasing additional resources/software licenses. However, buying permanent dialing resources to solve a temporary problem may not be an appetizing choice. IAT does have a leasing program, where you can lease additional resources and licenses for a period of time; if you have adequate telco infrastructure, then leasing is a great economical option. But what if you do not have sufficient telco resources to handle those extra licenses? The temporary additions will quickly become time consuming to implement and cost prohibitive.

What if you could have the extra dialing power without the need to add dialing resources or telco infrastructure? You can with IAT’s CT Center Hybrid system.

IAT’s Hybrid solution is a great option for temporary expansion because it will save you both time and money. It allows you to add as many agents or IVR campaigns as needed and simply pay for time used.

CT Center Hybrid seamlessly expands site-premised dialing capabilities using our cloud-based solution, CT Impact Direct. All dialing activities are controlled from CT Center in real-time. Agent monitoring and list management tools are also available as normal. The difference is you are using IAT’s dialing infrastructure/hardware (rather than your own) to actually place the calls. CT Impact Direct tracks agent and call result information and sends it back to CT Center.

Cloud-based services are also good for Disaster Recovery Plans. So now that we have covered using cloud-based services for needed expansions, have you given any thought as to what you would do in the case of a disaster? What happens if a catastrophe destroys your building? Or what if someone cuts a fiber optic cable down the street and you are left without phone service? You still have business to complete, and every day you are down costs money. What if you could get a dialer up and running immediately? Well, you can with IAT’s CT Impact Risk Management (RM) cloud-based solution.

For a small monthly fee IAT reserves dialer lines for you, should you ever need them. To use CT Impact RM you’ll need a computer workstation with internet access and a phone. Once setup, you simply run tests monthly to ensure everything is working and you are comfortable with running the dialing service should it be necessary to use it.

The grass may sometimes look greener on the other side of the dialing fence, but with IAT’s CT Center Hybrid solution you can break down the fence and enjoy the benefits of both site-premised and cloud-based dialing.

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