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The Top Five Reasons to Use Predictive Dialing

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Some years ago (never mind how many), I had a boss with a really great work schedule. He would arrive promptly at 10:30 am and leave at 2:00 pm. As Mel Brooks once said, “It’s good to be the king.” After each exhausting day, my boss would say to me “If you were as efficient as me, you could leave early too.” Since he was the sole owner of the company, my verbal response was “Maybe someday I’ll be as efficient as you. Have a good night.”

As irritating as this daily exchange was, I have come to realize the nugget of wisdom contained in those words. The owner of the company identified a need within his market and developed a way to fulfill that need. After that there really wasn’t much more he needed to do—the company ran smoothly without his constant supervision.

For those of us not yet reaping the benefits of our brilliant business ideas, our workday efficiency can be hampered by many things such as incorrect data, office drama, or someone stopping us in the hallway saying “Can I ask you just one quick question? It won’t take long, I promise.”

IAT’s predictive dialing solutions are immune to these efficiency roadblocks. Humming away undisturbed in their corner or closet, these dialers efficiently do their job weeding out answering machines or bad numbers to connect every live person with an agent. In addition, IAT’s dialers are continually improving their abilities by observing the habits of each agent and tracking the list hit rate and transfer rate. This enables the dialer to fine-tune its pacing and predict when agents will be available for the next call. Consequently the agents become more efficient as well.

There are many important reasons to use true predictive dialing, and even though a “Top 5 Reasons To …” list would be informative and interesting, it really comes down to just one reason: Efficiency. IAT’s predictive dialing solutions have been shaped through more than a quarter century of real-world experience, analysis of the market and continual technology refinement.  As a result, our dialers can get an amazing amount of work done in a short period of time, thus allowing others to be more efficient at their jobs. It probably doesn’t mean you get to go home early, but shorter agent wait times and shorter hold times mean better use of your company’s resources.

I think Mel Brooks was right. It really is good to be the king.



This article was written by Derek