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Which call recording solution should you choose?

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Choosing a call recording solution can be intimidating. With so many features and functionality options, you may be concerned about going overboard and selecting something not required. You may even wonder if you need call recording at all. (As a collection agency, the answer to that last question is most likely YES.)

When you’re making a decision about call recording, seeking the advice of a dialing and call recording expert (like IAT) can certainly be useful, but first carefully examine your company’s recording requirements. Make sure to include your legal counsel in this discussion. Below are some of the questions you’ll need to consider:

  • How long do you need to store the recordings?
  • Do you require specific retrieval capabilities (e.g. search by date, time, case number)?
  • Would you like to record the supervisor’s contributions while in Coaching and Conferencing modes?
  • Will you need to record your collectors on and off the dialer?
  • Are you planning to use the recordings as a training tool?
  • Do you need to record/capture your agents’ screen images?

IAT SmartDial’s call recording products come in different shapes and sizes, so agencies can find what best fits their feature and budget needs. We provide two types of site-premised call recording. (Read this post for more information about IAT’s cloud-based call recording.) CTR Lite is IAT’s slimmed down call recording solution. It is simple to implement and quite often the best choice for smaller agencies. CTR Lite records all agents on the dialer; multiple calls can be recorded simultaneously. Other features include the ability to record individual calls on-demand or automatic recording by certain extension, clients or agents.

If you need a more robust system, IAT offers several enterprise call recording system options that include

  • Recording of all office (PBX) calls
  • Additional recording and storage capacity
  • Off-system archiving capability
  • Advanced performance management module options: performance evaluation scoring, screen capture and recording, coaching software, agent portal
  • Extended call recording rules
  • Analytical reporting
  • Quality assessment

IAT will gladly review and discuss your company’s needs and help you choose the best suited call recording system. Just give us a call.

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