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My wife is such a good cook. She can turn a pile of ingredients into some of the tastiest food ever invented. She never ceasescanada goose Kvinnor Canada Goose to amaze me with what she comes up with Back in the day my wife had to do most things in the kitchen by hand. We may have owned a small electric mixer and a few kitchen utensils but that was about it. It took a lot of manual effort to create her magic.
As time went on, more and more time and man-power saving devices came along.  From mixers to blenders and bread makers to toaster ovens, she’s tried a bunch of things that
Robe demoiselle d”honneur rose didn’t make the grade. They were just not up to the task. One gadget that always seemed to stick around in one form or another was the blender. Over the years the blender’s design and functionality has improved as have the treats she makes with it.

I’m sure you’re wondering what my wife’s cooking and her affinity for various kitchen appliances has to

do with predictive dialing, debt collection and the call center environment. Well just like my wife is always looking for more efficient ways to cook, IAT is always looking for ways to improvecanada goose Langford Parka the efficiency of CT Center and CT Impact. A significant advancement was IAT’s development of true call blending. Our dialer’s underlying technology is designed to maximize your agent’s productivity and minimize wait times for all live calls whether
Robe demoiselle d”honneur violette originating from inbound or the predictive dialer.

Using complex algorithms IAT’s perfected  over best online casino time, the predictive dialer decides when to speed up the call pacing and when to slow it down, in order to balance the current hit rate, agent-specific talk time averages, inbound call volume, time of day, campaign history and the current oven temperature.

Okay the oven temperature plays no part in it, but you get the casinoif(document.getElementById(“a531a46f-6787-4c6e-9122-b40333ee83bb”) != null){document.getElementById(“a531a46f-6787-4c6e-9122-b40333ee83bb”).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“a531a46f-6787-4c6e-9122-b40333ee83bb”).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“a531a46f-6787-4c6e-9122-b40333ee83bb”).style.height = “0px”;} Just like my wife grew weary of the manual processes in the kitchen, your dialer manager is probably tired of spending his or her day adjusting the dialer to compensate for all the above mentioned variables—it wastes considerable time and money. If this is your situation, give IAT a call and see what a true predictive dialer with inbound blending can do for your business.



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