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Simplify your site-premised dialer installation with HMP

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I have a love/hate relationship with home improvement projects. Positive changes are great, but I hate how complicated and troublesome most projects are. I am not at all a handy person, so most of the work is done by my exceptionally handy husband. He’s learned a lot of knew skills quickly, including plumbing, carpentry, electrical wiring, painting and masonry. Fortunately my husband has a lot of talent and always does an amazing job.

Nearly every project has been much harder than I planned. For example, my husband recently laid tile in our small entryway; it took months to complete. Tile removal, cement board installation, tile cutting and installation, grouting, sealing—every step was held up with problems and became more expensive than I originally expected. At least the tile looked impressive in the end!

A great deal of effort is required when installing a traditional site-premised dialer, too. Fortunately, you have experts to help you and address any problems or questions. They will explain all the infrastructure requirements for a traditional dialer install. For instance, the hardware needed includes the server, T1/PRI lines, telco/dialing card, an operating system and a text to speech engine. Unless you already have this hardware, the cost and task to obtain casino online it might seem a bit overwhelming.

HMP makes site-premised dialer installations easier and less expensive. In a traditional site-premised system, the processing power needed for the dialer’s activities comes from telco/dialing card(s) which are added to the server by the dialer vendor. Computer processor advances now allow you to use Host Media Processing (HMP), software-based call processing, in place of dialing cards. (At IAT, this technology is available for CT Center versions 8.1 and later.) This means you don’t need any dialing cards; all the call processing is done through the server’s regular processor. Along with dialing cards, you can also eliminate those T1/PRI lines because HMP supports use with SIP.

Dialer changes are easier with HMP, too. Since you don’t have any special hardware, dialing resources can be added and changes made to the HMP licenses. If you’re using SIP you won’t need any additional physical phone line infrastructure either. And ongoing hardware and maintenance requirements are lower without dialing cards.

Short of just hiring someone to do it, there really aren’t any shortcuts to completing our tiling projects (the kitchen is next!). But if you’re looking to buy a site-premised dialer, want to convert to SIP or expand your current CT Center system, HMP is a good “shortcut” technology to consider. It’ll make installation and any future changes a lot easier. 


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