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Cookies and predictive dialers—suggestions for agent happiness

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Cookies—my go-to answer for staying happy. I believe cookies are a decent remedy for many of life’s difficulties. They won’t fix a broken arm or leg…but they’d probably make the situation a lot better. There’s nothing like a cookie to cheer you up.

Ongoing productivity and collection success requires happy agents. Sadly, it’s not very practical to feed your agents cookies all day every day (though an occasional chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie would probably go over big!). In previous posts we’ve pointed out that using a predictive dialer helps agents stay happier because it speeds up the contacting process—they dial/wait less and talk more. In addition, below are some other ways you can keep agents smiling while using IAT’s predictive dialing solutions:

Change the Agent Hold Music: Music can help keep attitudes positive and improve productivity—or it can just drive you crazy. If you are a CT Center customer and your agents are tired of the default music played between each call, you have a couple of options. (CT Impact customers have one option.) Both choices require a call to our Customer Support team for assistance.

  • Eliminate the music altogether. Instead of music, the dialer will remain silent until right before a Ook kun je bij live roulette chatten met de croupier of met de andere spelers aan tafel. call is transferred. Then agents will hear a short online casino “beep” sound. (This option is also available for CT Impact customers.)
  • Choose your own music. Play music through the dialer from your preferred source—a CD, a music file, the radio, an iPod, etc. To do this, you”ll need an external USB sound card (if you’re on a Software & Hardware Support Plan, IAT’s Customer Support department will send you one).

Communicate with CTC Messaging: It’s good to know help is always a short message away—even in the middle of a stressful call. With IAT’s instant messaging tool CTC Messaging agents can get your attention whenever they need help. Managers decide whether agents send pre-established or unique messages.

Free up time with Leave Message: The monotony of leaving voice mail messages is eliminated with this feature. Even if your dialer is set to detect answering machines, they will sometimes be transferred to agents. When that happens, the agent can select the Leave Message button on the Agent Access toolbar; the dialer will take the call back and leave the message. The agent can then move onto the more productive (and exciting?) live contacts.

Accommodate differing agent styles with the flexible toolbar: It’s nice to be able to work “your way.” IAT’s agent application can be used as floating toolbar or docked to any edge of the computer screen.

For more ideas on features to keep your agents happy and productive, give us a call. And if your agents are just having an especially hard day, better break out the emergency cookies!


This article was written by Kendra