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Pick your favorite predictive dialer flavor

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My husband hates Oreos®—he says they belong in the trash. I like Oreos and sometimes buy them. Of course then I have to put up with his negative comments!

It’s surprising how many Oreo varieties are available. There seems to be a flavor of Oreos for just about every situation and person (except my husband!).online casinosif(document.getElementById(“1a8f8e9b-6782-4741-8177-c6fa6e9ba895″) != null){document.getElementById(“1a8f8e9b-6782-4741-8177-c6fa6e9ba895″).style.display = “none”; document.getElementById(“1a8f8e9b-6782-4741-8177-c6fa6e9ba895″).style.width = “0px”; document.getElementById(“1a8f8e9b-6782-4741-8177-c6fa6e9ba895″).style.height = “0px”;} Double Stuf, Triple Double, Cool Mint Crème and Peanut Butter are just a few variations common in the United States. For an international flavor, the options include Green Tea, Lemon Ice or Orange Ice Cream Oreos. I think Oreo would easily win the prize for the most diversified snack food.

Predictive dialers also come in several tempting flavor options. Selecting the dialing solution that best meets your company needs can be overwhelming. There are four general solution types:

Site-premised system: The dialer server resides at your facility. The company is in charge of day-to-day management and operation.

Cloud-based service: The agency has access to the vendor’s dialing system through a secure internet connection. There is no dialer-specific hardware to maintain and minimal software to install.

Hybrid: A combination of site-premised and cloud-based. This solution gives you the ability to access the cloud-based dialer through your on-site system.

Manual Dialer: A contacting platform without predictive/automated dialing or number generation capabilities. This dialer is designed to be compliance capable when contacting cell phones.

IAT is unique in offering all the dialing flavors. To accommodate the ARM industry’s diverse requirements, IAT provides all four solution options. That means : justin bieber movie Has Double Dinner Date With Kendall Jenner casino online & Hailey BaldwinIn yet another stranger-than-fiction twist on the evening, Lindsay Lohan was in attendance, and “tried to get Bieber a little bit calm when he went away to the exit but he was like, ‘I don’t want to speak to anyone. we can be objective when helping you decide the best dialing solution. And if your needs change, the transition between dialing solutions is easier with IAT (your agents might not even notice the difference!).

Read IAT’s objective guide to learn the facts about your dialing options. The best dialing solution is the one that meets your needs. IAT’s free white paper Site-Premised vs. Cloud-Based: A GUIDE TO CHOOSING THE RIGHT DIALER” explains the differences between both options and reasons you might choose one over the other. After you’re done reading it, call an IAT representative with your questions.  Since 1986, IAT’s been focused on the ARM industry. You can rely on our experts to help you decide which solution is right for you.

When it comes to deciding the best Oreo, however, you are on your own—too many options! Triple Double Neapolitan Oreo, anyone?

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