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Choose the picky dialer

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I don’t eat out much. It can be expensive, but I’m also very picky when choosing restaurants—I just don’t want to go anywhere. Tasty food and affordable prices are critical, of course. Short wait times, a decent atmosphere and servers who are attentive without being overly disruptive are also important considerations. I believe it’s good to be selective about restaurant choices; you can concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Being a picky dialer is good too. For a variety of reasons your dialer shouldn”t always call the next phone number on the list. It must be much more selective. Before every contact attempt, IAT’s dialer reviews many criteria to determine whether that account or phone number is currently eligible to be contacted. If something is amiss, the account or phone number is excluded from contact, either temporarily or permanently. Reasons for exclusion include the following:

  • Account status information: Just about any data you provide the dialer can be used to exclude accounts from the dialer’s contact list, such as “LEG” for under legal review.
  • The time: An account’s zip code and/or area code will temporarily exclude the phone number if its time zone is not currently between legal calling hours. The dialer will then wait to call when it is legal.
  • Account contact status: If a contact attempt results in a no answer, the dialer will place that phone number on a callback list. Meanwhile, it will attempt contact using the account’s additional listed phone numbers. If someone answers, the other phone number(s) for the account on the callback list will be excluded.
  • Phone number status: If you no longer want to contact a specific phone number with the dialer, you can completely block it from being dialed—even across multiple accounts.

Keep the dialer’s information current with a real-time host interface. Because an account’s status can quickly change, a real-time interface is valuable for providing the most current information. With real-time integration, the collection software maintains the list of accounts, and the dialer requests them one at a time. So if an account is paid or a phone number marked “do not call” even just a few minutes before, that information will be used by the dialer when deciding whether to make the call.

Unlike happy restaurant guests who thank the staff for a good dining experience, your collectors probably don’t get many debtors thanking them for their hard work. But if those debtors knew how hard your dialer worked to make sure they weren’t called, they might be pleased…or at least relieved.

Be selective when choosing your dialer too. For the pickiest dialer around, contact IAT SmartDial.

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This article was written by Kendra