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IAT’s secret dialing sauce

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Meat—it’s my husband’s favorite thing to cook and he’s quite good at it. He knows just how to maximize the meat’s flavor while making it melt in your mouth delicious. He uses few spices, often just salt and pepper. For some things, like ribs and chicken, he’ll slather the meat in his own secret BBQ sauce. This addition makes it even more amazing and wins him rave reviews. When he doesn’t have the time or forethought to make his homemade BBQ sauce and resorts to store bought, it’s not nearly as tasty.

What’s your collection agency’s secret sauce? Many collection agencies have methods and strategies that differentiate them from the competition. Just a little change in methods can sometimes make a huge difference in collections productivity and success. If you were not able to make those strategy tweaks because of something like inflexible dialing technology it could negatively affect your collecting results.

IAT’s dialer fits into your existing collecting approach. IAT understands every collection operation operates differently, so we’ve designed our dialer to be flexible; you can adjust settings and features to match your casino online collecting methods. Below are just flexibilities in IAT’s dialing technology:

  • The dialer’s next action. After each call, the dialer has to decide what to do next. IAT’s call result options allow you to automate the dialer’s future actions for each calling outcome (e.g. with a “no answer” call result you might opt to try again in 3 hours).
  • List creation. With IAT’s list building tools you can setup templates targeting whatever data elements you want (low/high balance, debt type, client, etc.).
  • Agent management. IAT’s management features allow you to adapt the dialer to meet agents’ varied needs. For example you can determine which dialer features or settings agents can use. Managers can also assign them to specific lists, dialing modes and dial types or permit agents to choose for themselves.
  • Call routing. With IAT’s skills-based routing, managers can establish routing queues to transfer calls to the best-suited available agents.

Rave reviews don’t just have to be for incredible meats. With IAT’s dialer, you can keep your award-winning collecting strategies while still benefiting from the dialer’s contacting efficiency. To learn more about the flexibility in IAT’s own secret dialing sauce give us a call.


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