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Too much to do and not enough time? Try this dialer feature.

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Have you ever felt like there’s not enough time to do it all? Who hasn’t?! My son and I were talking about this subject just the other day. He teaches computer technology in a public high school, 6 classes with 30 – 35 students in each class. My son was saying he just couldn’t keep up with the administrative tasks like keeping roll properly, monitoring for those breaking the “no cell phone use in class” rule, grading daily assignments, and several other mundane chores. He also needs more time to help the students who require individual attention. He said he could certainly use an assistant to do all of the “non-teaching” type work. However, getting a teaching assistant is never an easy task—and who has the time to do it, anyway?

Could your agents use some help with mundane administrative work? Well, IAT SmartDial has new technology to help with the repetitive tasks. Agent Call Control—the tool bar button labels it “Transfer”— allows an agent to dgfev online casino transfer a call to one of several destinations such as the payment department, an agent queue better-suited to help (e.g. agents speaking a particular language), or to a “service” (dialogue). These dialogues can be setup to speak a mailing address, speak directions to a payment office, or even take an automated payment by check or credit card. Other dialogues can also be created and provided as transfer options like a predefined callback message for answering machines.

How much time can be saved by using IAT’s “transfer assistant” function? It could add up to a significant portion of the workday. Let the call transfer function be your agent’s work assistant.

I’ll bet you can come up with many more tasks that can help the agent be more productive. Chances are, IAT has thought of a way to help with it. Give us a call and find out!

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This article was written by Jeryl