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The collection industry knows calling a cell phone with an automated dialer can mean a potential lawsuit if it’s without specific permission (usually called “prior express consent”). Add to the nightmare differing judicial interpretations of the TCPA and FDCPA concerning what is allowed. Then throw in the opinions of agency managers, industry consultants and technology vendors, and making a decision for your agency regarding contacting cell phones can be a scary proposition.

From a legal perspective manual dialingcanada goose Män Canada Goose is the safest method for calling cell phone numbers. The problem is it does not make fiscal sense to manually dial number after number after number. Not only is it a costly, slow, tedious, mistake-filled process, it also makes timely agent and inventory management, progress monitoring and reporting much more difficult. What the ARM industry needs is a solution that speeds up the manual dial process while keeping reporting and inventory management at or near the same level as a true predictive dialer.

We believe IAT’s SmartCell meets those online casino requirements. SmartCell is a stand-alone manual platform specifically designed without

any automated dialing or number generation capabilities. Reporting and inventory management features in SmartCell are comparable to those in a true predictive dialer. In addition, this manual platform offers agents three dialing methods to match management’s comfort level:

  • Preview the presented number and press the “Accept” button.
  • Manually enter the presented number and press the “Accept” button.
  • Copy and paste the presented number and press the “Accept” button.

After the number has been accepted,SmartCell dials the number and the agent monitors the call’s progress—dial tone, ring tone, active voice detection, SIT tones, etc. During the dialing sequence the dialer will look up the account in your host software and “pop” the agent’s screen with the account information. This allows the agent to record the results of the call and entercanada goose Manitoba Jackor other pertinent information directly into the CRM.

SmartCell solves your cell phone contacting dilemma while maintaining your ability to

Some would argue SmartCell is just viagra generique sans ordonnance rapide a predictive dialer being used in either “Preview” or “Dial Request/Manual” mode. While many elements are comparable, the difference is SmartCell has no predictive dialing or number generation capabilities in the underlying system architecture. Having those capabilities (even if left unused) is at the crux of TCPA and FDCPA lawsuits, and they simply do not exist in SmartCell, a fact that cannot be construed otherwise.

If you are looking for relief from your cell phone contacting anxiety, give IAT a call to learn more about SmartCell. With SmartCell you can contact cell phones with confidence.


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