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Automated multi-tasking for debt collection managers

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Studies have shown that effective multi-tasking doesn’t really exist. You can’t actually do two demanding tasks simultaneously without significantly affecting your performance on both. Instead, people engage in “switch-tasking,” rapidly shifting attention from activity to activity.

Short-order cooks might make switch-tasking appear easy when juggling all those different meals, but the more tasks you have to manage, the harder it becomes. Something is bound to get forgotten and burned. I frequently take on too many tasks when cooking. At some point, I usually have to call for help with something—or several things.

Collection Managers have a lot to juggle, too. With so much effort required to keep collection efforts going smoothly, mundane tasks may quickly burden any collection manager’s workday. IAT’s dialer includes numerous features that help streamline management activities, so you can concentrate on the most important job—helping agents succeed.

Below are a few features IAT has developed to simplify your workday:

  • Automatic client updates to quickly update Agent Access, Manager Center and Control Center without the best online casino hassle of visiting every workstation.
  • List Groups to pre-schedule lists and make agent work assignments. The dialer will take care of list transitions, so you don’t have to remember.
  • Dynamic Resource Sharing (automated dialer pacing) to provide a continual stream of live contacts for agents and minimal dgfev online casino calls placed on hold—without manager input or supervision.
  • Automated reports for clients to send regular status reports without having to do it yourself.

Even without the other tasks, monitoring and helping agents can still be difficult. IAT offers a variety of features to focus agent management where it’s needed, including the following:

  • Team views provide managers an at-a-glance look at dialer agents’ current work status, so they can see from their desk which agents might need assistance or encouragement.
  • Agent activity reports make seeing long-term work trends and areas for improvement easier.
  • CTC Messaging is handy when managers and agents need to communicate while at their desks.
  • Monitor/Coach/Conference monitoring modes give managers access to conversations between agents and debtors, so they can just listen or jump in and help.
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