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DIY predictive dialer management: Is it right for you?

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DIY. “Do It Yourself” sprinkler installation, shelf building, craft making and even electronic tinkering can be a fun pastime and effective way to accomplish more on a limited budget. To succeed in a DIY project you need the time, skills, motivation and equipment/tools required. Even with all the potential stumbling blocks, DIY finished products can be less-expensive and better-suited to match your preferences than something generically made—even if by a professional. When it’s a viable option, DIY is definitely worth it.

The dialer management DIY option. It’s not at all practical to build your own dialer. Developing an efficient predictive dialer is a LOT more complicated than making shelves or installing your own sprinkler system—not something you can find in a “how-to” book or blog. The “Do It Yourself” option arises when deciding whether to own and maintain the dialer yourself (the site-premised system) or use a vendor owned and maintained dialer (the cloud-based service).

Owning and maintaining a site-premised dialer has some big advantages:

  • Good long-term ROI investment
  • Flexible dialer set up (so you can run the dialer your preferred way)
  • Total control of your data (and therefore control over the data’s security)

While owning a dialer is very worthwhile, its DIY nature means there is more work required than cloud-based services. However, if you’re motivated and can meet the following requirements, you can certainly succeed.

Time: Does your current IT Staff have enough time to maintain a site-premised system? If not, are you willing to hire someone to handle the dialer?

Skill: Does your current IT Staff have the necessary casino abilities? In addition to the basic IT skills Disk recover deleted files VideosWatch some disk data recovery videos to learn about some of our craziest saves. of managing and maintaining servers, they’ll need to be competent working with basic telephony technology (e.g. T1/PRI lines). If not currently proficient in telephony, are they prepared to take the time to learn about it?

Equipment: Do you have the necessary contacting infrastructure in place or have plans to get it? For traditional site-premised dialers this typically includes the server, T1/PRI lines, telco/dialing card, an operating system and a text to speech engine. (Note: Using Host Media Processing, software-based call processing, can decrease cost and equipment requirements.)

Dialer ownership is just like other “Do It Yourself” opportunities—with sufficient knowledge and adequate time allotted, it can be well worth the investment. For more questions to consider when deciding what kind of dialer is best for you, read IAT’s white paper “7 Questions to ask before selecting your next dialing technology.”


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