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IAT’s dialing technology is 20 years ahead

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It’s nearly impossible to claim the most high-tech electronic devices for long. By the time you learn how to use your smart phone/tablet, TV or computer, it’s already eclipsed by something more advanced.

That’s okay for your personal technology purchases, but an agency’s productivity and competitiveness can suffer when their dialing technology lags behind. You need robust technology that can adjust to your ongoing collection strategies. And to stay competitive, you need the latest time-saving, productivity-enhancing features.

Introducing IAT—the ARM industry dialing technology trailblazer. For more than a quarter century IAT’s developed robust collection-specific dialing htmInformation About YouThe credit bureau is like casino online a warehouse of information about your past. features. Many of the features we developed a decade or more ago are now being announced by other dialer vendors as the latest and greatest technology.

Here’s when IAT first developed some of those “new features” recently touted by other dialer vendors:

  • The ability to “move agents among campaigns and queues.” (2000)
  • Allowing multiple campaigns to access the same list using any dialing mode. (pre-1990)
  • “Allowing a single campaign to span multiple geographically dispersed switches.” (2004)
  • Auto-attendant routing, which includes the ability to prompt inbound callers for an account number before transferring them to the best-suited agent or calling queue. (pre-1994)

It might be difficult to always have the best smartphone or laptop on the market, but when it comes to dialing technology, selecting IAT SmartDial will assure you have the ARM industry’s latest and greatest.
Want to know what your current dialer vendor will be developing in the next 5, 10 or even 20 years? Give IAT’s dialing experts a call. Quite possibly we have those features available right now.


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