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Let everyone enjoy your time off more—try automated list building

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Most people I know enjoy taking some vacation time. I have mixed feelings about taking vacation. I enjoy the break from work and spending the time with my family. However, I recognize there’s a Dark Side to vacations. When I get back, I have to catch up on things that piled up while I was gone.

This time off “problem” isn’t exclusive to the vacationer, either. Issues or tasks might get put “on hold” until the person returns. Everyone on the team is impacted. The vacationer feels the impact when he or she returns; everyone else while they’re gone.

Your dialer manager’s list building skills might be quickly missed. If you’re working with a dialer using a batch-interface and the person who builds your lists takes a few days off, dialer productivity could come to a screeching halt. Maybe you’ve got a backup person who takes care of building lists in a pinch, but if the process has any complexity to it, there’s a good chance something will go wrong. Usually problems involve the data submitted to the dialer. For instance the fields are in the wrong order or the file is in the wrong format (such as an Excel file instead of a comma-separated/CSV file).

It’s easy enough to correct data submission problems, but the mistake kills productivity and might not be noticed until later in the day. (By that time the person who built the list could be off doing their regular job and not be available at the time) Fortunately, it’s also really easy to prevent the problem: Automate the process.

CT Center (Site-premised) systems: If your CT Center system has a real-time interface, the dialer side is already automated and requests accounts as needed. Batch interfaces don’t have this luxury—accounts must be imported from a file. Our Support team configures how this file is imported as part of the configuration of the system. IAT’s dialing solutions can pick up this file automatically, even from a remote system.

CT Impact (Cloud-based) services: CT Impact’s campaign submission tool has two flavors: a graphical version that can submit files to one or more campaigns, and a command line version that can be run from a schedule. The latter version can also retrieve the results files on a schedule.

With a little automation, you can let your dialer manager take that vacation (without their cell phone). And they’ll have one less thing (and headache) on the pile when they get back.

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This article was written by Dave S