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“You may want a site-premised dialer if …”

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Jeff Foxworthy  isn’t the only comedian to get mileage off of the “you might be (fill in the blank here), if …” jokes, but he is probably the best known. The phrase comes in lots of variations, but joking aside it can be a good way to determine whether to give extra consideration to a choice.

One of the buzzwords of the day is “the Cloud.” It seems like nearly everything is moving to the cloud, sometimes without much thought of whether or not cloud features would be beneficial or even necessary. I’m not against being connected to the Cloud or even Cloud-based—far from it. It just shouldn’t be a check box requirement unless it will add a real value to your purchase.

When you’re looking into investing in a dialer, I would hope that you’ve thought about whether or not the Cloud adds value to that investment before putting “Cloud-based” on your requirements list. Although it’s easier to have someone else manage and maintain the hardware, it’s really a matter of the total cost of ownership. This is more than comparing the costs of having your agents on a Cloud-based dialer against the cost of the system and software for the dialer. In other words, you might want a site-premised system if any of the following are true:

  • If you’re already paying for multiple phone lines and have the IT staff to manage it—you might want a premise system.
  • If you have security requirements that don’t allow you to transmit data to a remote system—you might want a premise system.
  • If you want more than a few agents using the dialer most (if not all) of the day—you might want a premise system.
  • If your company prefers to manage their own infrastructure—you might want a premise system.
  • If your workload occasionally spikes making it overly expensive to maintain the infrastructure needed to handle it—you still might want a premise system. (A hybrid premise/hosted solution might be the optimal solution in this case.)

On the other hand, if these things aren’t true, that doesn’t automatically mean that you want to go with a hosted dialer. Talk with one of IAT sales managers and let them help you decide if a premise system is best for you.

In the end, if you get a Cloud-based dialer just because “that’s where everything is going,” you might be falling into the trap of following buzzwords.


This article was written by Dave S