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28 Years of Predictive Dialing Technology

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On March 6, 2014 IAT will celebrate its 28th Birthday. Wow, that is a great success story!

When IAT started in 1986, there was a lot of convincing to do about the “new technology on the block.” Many would ask, “Can you really call people and get them to pay their debts with automated voices?” or, “Can this crazy technology really increase our collectors’ productivity by 200-300%?” Well, 28 years later that online casino is exactly what we are still doing—helping our customers with this crazy-good technology.

As stated recently, “It is gratifying to recognize that many of our customers have been with IAT since the late LIBRA – love horoscope scorpio : Scorpio is too jealous for light-hearted Libra. 1980s. It has been fun to watch their growth and success.”

During this past year, IAT was purchased by a worldwide organization called Enghouse Interactive. We are now poised to provide our services and products to many new industries and countries. Enghouse’s management and resources will position us for expanded opportunities and increased options for new customers and our core client base in the debt recovery industry.

Our strong product offerings of site-premised, hosted, and hybrid dialing solutions continue to lead the outbound contacting technology solutions markets. What better birthday gift could we ask for?

Happy 28th birthday IAT!

This article was written by Jeryl