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What makes SmartDial® so smart?

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SmartDial® is everywhere on our website and products. But what does that actually mean? It’s not exactly artificial intelligence, but IAT technology is smart enough that you might guess it is. The really smart part of SmartDial is our Smart team of outbound dialing experts that make up the R&D department. These guys are the brains behind True Predictive Dialing and some really cool dialing features that make True PD possible, such as:

  • Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA): Through IAT’s predictive algorithms, the dialer is able to track key factors such as agent habits, list hit rate, and manager preferences then use that data to determine the best dialing rate for the current environment. Since this data is always changing, the dialer continually adjusts pacing throughout the day to assure agents spend more time talking and less time waiting.
  • Automated Resource Sharing (ARS): This technology works in conjunction with DRA to help site-premised dialers maximize productivity by leaving no phone line resource unused. Phone line resources are universal, meaning they can be shared between different tasks (e.g. PD, IC, inbound) rather than dedicated to only one purpose. So, if you’re not using all your PD lines, the dialer will find a way to make sure those “idle” lines are assigned somewhere they will be useful. And if you need more phone lines for PD, the dialer will borrow them from another campaign.

Here at IAT we’re quite proud of our SmartDial® trademark and work hard to live up to the name. Our R&D department is continually looking for ways to improve IAT technology and make your job a little easier. Talk to an IAT representative to learn more about IAT SmartDial technology.

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This article was written by Jenna Bowman