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Invest time in your Dialing Campaign Templates

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Years ago I worked in the construction industry. I helped build homes, office buildings, remodeled a 100 plus year-old theater and even put an addition on the Carl Hayden Visitors’ Center at Glen Canyon Dam. (It’s a totally different story, but the visitor centercanada goose MonteBello Parka hangs over the edge of Glen Canyon. The center is located just downriver from the Glen Canyon Dam that holds back the waters of Lake Powell. From cialis en france achat the patio surrounding the building it is about a 700 foot drop to the river and quite a view from atop a concrete bucket attached to a crane.)

In the construction business, there were times we had to build-from-scratch a roof truss or some other complicated assembly. In most cases, when we built one truss, we would need to build several. Building a truss can be a complicated project due to the various angles, rise, length and height. It’s next to impossible to reliably measure, cut and assemble a truss without a pattern. Rather than stumble along trying to build one truss at a time we would lay the design out on a flat surface – essentially sketching the full-scale dimensions onto the driveway using chalk-lines and straight-edges. Once the drawing was complete we would measure and cut the individual components and assemble the first truss. When the first truss was complete we had a template that we could use in building the remainder. Getting that first truss put together was a slow process – but once the template was complete the rest came along in short order.

The truss’s template was an investment that paid for itself over and over – every time we online casino built another one. The same holds true for building the lists and campaigns that run your dialer. It makes more sense to put the effort into building templatescanada goose Mystique Parka that you can use over and over, rather than building each list from scratch.

The criteria of any template should be focused on how you approach your business and how your agents work predictive dialing or IVR campaigns. Some typical themes include:

  • Client
  • Type of debt
  • Account Value
  • Language
  • Region or Time Zone

After you have decided on the best themes for your templates, the next step will be to decide what information is included within the template. Some suggestions are:

  • Account Balance
  • Recent Payment Information
  • Name of Account Holder
  • Client
  • Available Phone Number(s)
  • In short – any information your agent will need to be effective when they speak with the debtor

Not only will campaign templates save you time and money, they will prevent the inevitable errors that occur from haphazard assembly. So save yourself the headache –put on your hardhat – and create the templates you need to make your predictive dialer and IVR campaigns more successful and your business more profitable.

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This article was written by Ray