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Start with the basics: understand and utilize your dialing tools

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A few weeks ago I had a reunion with my business associate, John, and my former coach, Ron, from yesteryear. Most of the conversation was about the good ol’ days and what we are currently doing—it all came down to the same handful of fundamentals in life and business that always seem to work for us. It seems that in life, whether personal or professional, it all boils down to understanding the basics.

I asked Coach Ron what basic ingredients he used to be such a success in football. “I always understood my team and the individuals within it,” was his response. “I understood my competitor’s game plan. And we played within the rules of the game.”

Once he had a solid understanding of these basics, that’s when the real fun started—drawing and executing a game plan. “I always put a twist of my own in the mix and added some trick plays that would break the game wide open,” he added. But without first understanding the basics, his strategies wouldn’t have been as successful.

This advice can be applied to daily operations in the Recovery Industry. The list of basics, which most of you do follow and understand, includes:

  1. Understand and follow regulations (FDCPA, TCPA, etc.)
  2. Understand your industry (Healthcare, Finance, etc.)
  3. Understand your personnel (Managers, Agents, etc.)
  4. Understand  your company’s goals and purpose
  5. Understand and utilize your tools (a Dialer! Like IAT SmartDial®)   

I’m going to focus on #5, applying understanding of dialing tools to your daily operations. Here’s a quick overview to understanding Enghouse Interactive’s outbound dialing product—the True Predictive Dialer, SmartDial.

Underlying technology

Other tools and features

  • Dialogues
    SmartDial dialogues are a great tool to add to your campaigns. You can use these automated messages for payment reminders, recurring payments with Reg E compliance functions, right-party verification, inbound blending and message routing.
  • Skills-based Routing
    SmartDial’s powerful skills-based routing places calls into queues based on the data know about the call or account. Call are then connected to the best-suited agent available.
  • Hybrid
    SmartDial hybrid solutions utilize a site-premised dialer for everyday use and cloud-based services for overflow or disaster recovery; and all campaigns and reports are managed in one central location.
  • Call Recording
    SmartDial solutions can be equipped with simple technology to record, index and store agent calls; or choose to incorporate specialized call recording and performance management technology (CXMTM, Cacti, Uptivity, NICE®, Higher Ground®, OAISYS®, and Verint®).

If you want to learn more about how SmartDial can bring you and your team results, give me a call.

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This article was written by Mark