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IAT SmartDial—unlike any other dialer

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I remember when I was a teenager riding around in my car listening to a cassette tape of Steve Martin’s “A Wild and Crazy Guy.” He had some good advice for men who were sick of blending in and smelling the same as everyone around him. The line goes, “That’s why I wear ‘Tuna Fish Sandwich.’ Put a tuna fish sandwich under each arm, a little dab on the neck, and I don’t smell like any other guy.”

If you have been to a recent collections conference and wandered the tradeshow floor talking with vendors, you know there are more than a few dialer companies.  And while IAT doesn’t smell like a tuna fish sandwich, we do stand out from the crowd with our beefed up dialing technology.

Let me give you a few reasons why IAT Smartdial is your best choice when it comes to dialer companies.

First and foremost is experience.  IAT has been in business building dialers for 28 years. During those many years the product has been tried, proven, and perfected. There has also been a lot of time to add features and functions that provide great benefits to those using our dialer.  Some of these include:

This is just a few of many features available. Follow the links provided or give us a call to learn more—we would be happy to discuss and demo these functions and features to show you why IAT is not like any other dialer company.

This article was written by Paul