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Call Results make a difference in your dialing strategy

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There is a lot of talk about efficient dialing technology and the importance of generating outbound calls for your agents to field, but the next step is often forgotten. Determining the follow-up action for agents (and the dialer) to take is key to your successful collection process.

IAT’s dialing technology utilizes call results to help you automate this step. A call result is the outcome of each attempted call (e.g. “No Answer” or “Busy”). From the Setup icon on your CT Center toolbar you can access the result code configuration screen and choose an automatic follow-up action for each type of call result so you don’t have to take the time to decide on a call-by-call basis. Some common parameters include:

  • How long to wait before attempting to call back a “No Answer,” “Busy,” or other number
  • Whether or not to leave a message on the answering machine
  • When to follow-up on an answering machine message
  • Which numbers NOT to attempt again (due to disconnected or wrong number)

Determining the answer to the above queries and setting your dialer to handle calls accordingly will make a big difference in your strategy. But there is still some information the dialer can’t gather. That is where Agent-entered Call Results come in. By allowing agents to choose from a list of call results (and potential follow-up actions) you can streamline your dialing process even more.

For instance, Sheila is at home Tuesday morning taking care of a sick child when she answered your phone call. However, she would prefer a call back Thursday evening when it will be more convenient for her to make a payment. This is all very useful information, but the dialer can’t do anything about it unless your agent shares that information. By selecting a “promise to pay” result and a follow up call on Thursday, the dialer can now schedule an automated call and prompt the agent to collect the promised amount.

Other agent-entered call result options include:

  • No promise
  • No response
  • Refuse to pay
  • Disputed debt
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • LMTC
  • Number disconnected
  • Wrong number

If you would like help setting up the call results or agent-entered call results tools on your dialer, contact our helpful customer support representatives. They will walk you through the process so you can start benefiting right away.

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This article was written by Jenna Bowman