Check out the Contact Center Services from Enghouse Interactive | IAT SmartDial® Solutions

Check out the Contact Center Services from Enghouse Interactive

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We’ve been saying it for years: Nobody does Predictive Dialing like IAT. Our R&D team is dedicated to developing outbound dialing technology that is in a league of its own. SmartDial® solutions are built on our unique predictive dialing algorithm and incorporate productivity-improving concepts such as Dynamic Resource Allocation and Automated Resource Sharing to deliver what we call TRUE Predictive Dialing

In November 2013 IAT SmartDial® was acquired by Enghouse Interactive in order to bring our superior dialing technology to their contact center customers around the globe. But this business move also means good news for all you IAT customers. Enghouse Interactive’s global footprint means IAT’s products are available and supported from virtually anywhere, plus you have a foot in the door to their comprehensive portfolio of contact center solutions.

Enghouse’s products and services cover all areas of contact center processes. Take a look at some of their offerings and let us know if your business could benefit from any of them.

Multi-Channel Contact Centers—manage customer interactions from various channels spanning voice calls, email, web chats, web requests, fax, voicemail, and other tasks through a single unified queue.

IVR/Self-Service—handle self-service and simple message delivery process through IVR menus and messages.

Call Recording and Quality Management—record, monitor, and evaluate phone calls; improve training, coaching, and staff scheduling.

Operator Consoles—enable operators and attendants to quickly, professionally, and efficiently manage and dispatch interactions to the correct end-points.


This article was written by Jenna Bowman